Crazy Coil

Becky Childers

I had scoliosis as a child (but was not diagnosed as having had it until I was in my 20’s). I also sprained my back during that time. As I got older, my back and right hip began giving me more and more problems. I could not stand for more than a couple of minutes without having back spasms and needing to sit down. I would take, at minimum, 800 mgs of ibuprofen a day. Many times it was more. My eye doctor is next door to the CraZCoil store in southwest Houston, so I went in there on a lark to see how they felt. I was amazed! I walked around on the hard floors for about 5 mintes and my back did not hurt at all. I believe the long-term benefits will be walking properly (with small gel inserts in one shoe to balance my hips) and to be able to do so for increasing lengths of time. I loved the first pair (which I bought for work) then I went back the next day and bought a pair of tennis shoes. I wore them to the dog park and had no problems managing the incline of the hill or walking on the gravel. I highly recommend Z-Coil for anyone with back and/or leg pain. I don’t expect them to take away all my pain immediately, however, the results so far have been wonderful. A friend bought a pair for her 13-year-old son who has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and he loves them!

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Bonnie Drabek

I am an AKC agility judge and am on my feet about 10 hours per day when judging. I walk and occasionally run about 10 miles per day while judging. I used to take Alieve to help ease the discomfort in my back and legs. Since I started wearing the Z-Coils, no pain medication is needed. I love these shoes. In the last 2 weeks of judging, I have had about 10 different people try my shoes on and loved them. I got tired of everyone asking where I got them, so I posted the website for all to see. These are the best shoes for anyone on their feet all day long!

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