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Have Back, Leg, or Foot Pain?

Have Back, Leg, or Foot Pain?

Most people have experienced back pain at some point in their lives. Common causes of back pain include accidents, muscle strains, and sports injuries. Although the causes may be different, they almost always have the same symptoms.

  • Disc Problems: bulging, ruptured, fusions
  • Muscle spasms: sciatic nerve pain, muscle spasms in the lower back and legs. Radiating pain through the lower back, buttocks, and down leg.
  • Foot Pain: heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, metatarsal pad thinning, Morton’s Neuroma, Achilles pain, ankle sprains
  • Leg Pain:   knee injuries, alignment, nerve pain, blood clots, poor circulation.

Many people take medications or go through invasive treatments to relieve pain caused by these as well as scoliosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, side-effects of cancer treatments, stiffness, and constant back stress…

So how can you get relief with a less invasive approach?

Z-Coil Footwear’s spring is designed with a conical coil that falls inside itself and is made for different weight scales and heel strikes, reducing your skeletal impact up to 50% with each step. The rigid ‘rocker’ forefoot sole works with the coil to compress and work the calf muscles, which promotes blood flow and circulation to the feet and legs. With this reduction in force and the rigid orthotic that distributes the body weight over the unit instead of directly on the heel, the force penetrating to the feet, legs, and upper body is reduced – immediately!Foot, Leg & Back Pain Relief | Crazy Coil Custom Shoes Houston


Bottom Line – You only have the pain to lose!