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FootBalance Custom Insoles Houston

FootBalance Custom Insoles Houston Distributor

FootBalance custom insoles increase health, foot comfort, and overall performance. These custom insoles support your feet properly. Over 75% of the population suffer from overpronation or excessive supination, and yet most people are unaware of this and how it affects the rest of the body.

FootBalances’ innovative 100% custom made insoles bring you the benefits of custom orthotics at an affordable price.

Balance Your Stance

Improve your drive

Custom Insoles for Sports, Medical or Comfort Lifestyle

We offer insoles designed specifically for men and women, whether they need support for high-impact activities such as running or hiking or just need support for regular lifestyle positioning feet properly for correct body posture.

custom insoles houston distributor

Call us today at 713-592-0050 or stop by our store for your custom fitting. No Appointment Required!